How Do I Know if My CPR Certification is Expired?

If you know you attended a CPR class once upon a time, there are a couple of ways you can try to find out if it is expired or not. If your class was through the American Heart Association (or you think it might have been), you can check your certification status here. You enter your first and last name in addition to your email address to look up your eCard.

If it did not appear there, another possibility is the American Red Cross. You can click here to enter your email address and look up your certificate! The last possible option could be an American Safety and Health Institute course, which you would have to contact the place where you took your ASHI course in order to get your replacement card. Most CPR certifications last two years, although some employers require that you renew them annually. If you would like to know the difference between CPR and BLS certification, click here!

Renewing your certification every two years allows you to review skills and receive any updates that the American Heart Association has implemented. New studies and information allow the best practices to be put into place to decrease the mortality rate of sudden cardiac arrest. This is valuable knowledge to save lives and keep your loved ones safe!

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