Does BLS Include CPR & First Aid

What does BLS certification include? Is CPR and First Aid part of BLS Provider training?

These are solid questions! BLS certification mostly goes over Adult, Child, and Infant CPR and AED use in addition to choking relief. In essence, yes it goes over CPR. What it does not go over, however, is First Aid. Using an EpiPen, finding and stopping bleeding, taking off gloves appropriately, and more are not covered in BLS certification. Because BLS certification is for healthcare providers, they are assuming they probably already know how to use an EpiPen and stop bleeding.

First Aid can be useful for babysitters, nannies, foster parents, newly expecting parents, teachers, coaches, and other professionals that work with children or in outdoor environments. Having training can help their employers and clients feel more at ease and the training can kick in when situations do arise. Read this story about how one woman’s training helped her save her nephew here! It can be the difference between life and death if you are trained in CPR!

If BLS certification sounds right for you, sign up by clicking here for American Heart Association courses. Learn how to properly perform CPR and understand how to operate an AED (it is easy!) even when it looks intimidating! (The AED will prompt you on what to do if you just turn it on!) Get comfortable with the basics to keep your loved ones safe with you! Emergencies happen every day and waiting until EMS arrives can feel like a lifetime. Being able to initiate CPR early just increases the odds of a good outcome. Every minute the brain goes without circulating oxygenated blood leads to a harder recovery, so prevent negative consequences by performing high quality chest compressions and rescue breathing!

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