Is CPR Certification the same as First Aid?

If you need to get First Aid certification, can you get CPR certified, or vice versa? First Aid and CPR
are two separate certifications, but you can get certified for both at the same time. The American Heart Association has First Aid/CPR AED certifications available for those in need of both. The CPR AED portion reviews CPR on adults, children, and infants as well as choking relief of those same populations. The First Aid portion reviews EpiPen usage, assessing for problems, applying a tourniquet, and properly removing gloves. Book a First Aid/CPR AED certification class here! If you would like to read an eBook on First Aid, CPR, or other related topics, check out this link here

You may benefit from First Aid/CPR AED certification if you are:
-a personal trainer
-a new or expecting parent
-exploring becoming a foster parent
-a coach
-a hiker, mountain biker, etc.
-Scouts leader
-a Church group leader
-PreK or daycare provider

Having a little extra preparation will never hurt, and knowing what to do in an emergency can relieve a lot of stress and put to ease the minds of many clients or parents. Even if the people you work with are predominantly healthy, there is always a chance of cardiac arrest or other health-related emergencies. Anaphylaxis is a risk with severe allergies and can prove fatal without proper and timely intervention. An accidental exposure to an allergen such as peanuts can require quick thinking and administration of an EpiPen to preserve an airway. On the other hand, bleeding can become an emergency depending on the location and depth of laceration as well as blood vessels involved. A cut in an artery can bleed continuously until pressure or a tourniquet is placed appropriately. Learn more to be prepared and save lives today!

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