Is CPR Certification the Same as BLS?

You might be perusing job descriptions and come upon “BLS certification required.” What is BLS?
Is BLS the same as CPR? They are actually quite similar, if not the same. The difference between BLS and CPR is BLS is specially designed for healthcare providers and focused on more of a team-based approach. CPR is for anyone in the community that would like the knowledge to possibly apply in the future if needed. BLS certification is a requirement for most healthcare related careers and biannual renewal is a corequisite of maintaining employment. Check out the course options page here for an informational flowsheet.

Because BLS is designed for healthcare workers, different equipment may be used during the class such as a bag valve mask instead of a pocket mask. Healthcare workers typically have more lifesaving equipment at their disposal when performing CPR. On the other hand, CPR is geared towards the layperson that finds a loved one or coworker unresponsive. With minimal equipment and materials nearby, they must use what they have available and tell the nearest person to find an AED for them. Witnessed vs. unwitnessed cardiac arrests are also a difference between CPR and BLS prepared workers. See this article here for insight on airport cardiac arrests.

Regardless of whether you sign up for a CPR or BLS course, you are much more prepared in any case to respond to a person in cardiac arrest. You never know when someone you love might fall as a victim of cardiac arrest. You increase their chances of survival with simply initiating chest compressions. Don’t be a bystander, be actively involved! Sign up for a course today!

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