Where to Find BLS Certification Number

Has it been a while since you got your BLS certification? Are you trying to switch jobs and have no
idea which folder you saved your eCard to? If you were certified through the American Heart Association, click here to find your card! You only need your first and last name in addition to your e-mail address to be able to look up your card. From there, you can download your eCard and submit it to whoever you need!

BLS certification only last for two years, so if has been about that time, you may need to take a renewal course. To sign up for a BLS Provider course, click here. You will learn about adult, child, and infant CPR and AED use as well as choking relief. Plan for about three hours to review all the material. The exam is open note, open book, so do not stress too much about trying to pass! Your instructors and American Heart Association want you to succeed! The American Heart Association sets their standards so their material is easy to understand and lays out the skill before having you practice it!

If you are transitioning into a new career, you may want to add “AHA BLS Provider Certification” to your resume under the skills portion. This can be a requirement for many healthcare careers and having it before you apply can add to your ability to secure an interview. Receiving your card from the American Heart Association is good because it is a credible issuing organization that is accepted by basically everyone. Some of the other lesser known agencies on the internet are not recognized by employers. Watch out for the classes that are offered 100% online and seem very cheap compared to the brick-and-mortar options. These are unlikely to be accepted by your employer.

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