BLS for Healthcare Providers

Recently secured a new gig in the healthcare industry? Or looking into renewing your BLS certification every two years like your manager has been nagging you about for the past couple weeks? Sign up for your course here!

CPR certification for healthcare workers is known as BLS certification. It includes how to perform chest compressions, rescue breaths, and use an AED on adults, children, and infants. During the course, you also learn about working as a team and how to perform abdominal thrusts to alleviate choking.

Your class will usually be comprised of nurses, nursing assistants, respiratory therapists, occupational therapists, patient transporters, and others in the healthcare field. Everyone is due for BLS renewal every two years, but if you aren’t sure when yours expires, click here to find out if your eCard is expired (you only need your name and email address!)

At the end of the class, you take a 25 question exam on what you have learned during the course. When you pass, you receive an American Heart Association eCard to your email which you can download and use for two years before it expires! Look for an email from “” and double check your spam folder to find the eCard.

For more about BLS courses from American Heart Association instructors, click here. BLS certification does not dive into first aid because the AHA assumes healthcare providers received first aid training during their job training/coursework. If you would like to know about some basic first aid skills (how to use an EpiPen, stop bleeding, remove gloves properly, etc.) please ask the instructor during your course, and they would be happy to cover the material!

Feeling confident in your ability to perform chest compressions effectively can be the difference between life and death for a victim of cardiac arrest. Our CPR manikins are equipped with lights and audio feedback devices so you can see your progress!


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