Where to Renew CPR Certification

Your CPR certification has expired, what is next? You have two options when it comes to renewing
your CPR license. You can either take the online portion at home and go in to a facility to complete the skills portion, or you can spend your entire learning time at the facility and practice alongside videos. The decision is up to you! You might be a very good self-study person, or you might do better having an instructor teach you in a classroom setting. Check out the course options here for more information on which course to sign up for.

If you are located near Chandler, Arizona, East Valley CPR is available with plenty of times to choose from! Renew your certification when you have the time! If you are looking to book a group course for your family or business, contact us at the phone number or email above. We are happy to teach at your facility! We want to ensure your staff enjoy convenience while renewing their certification! Stay in compliance to avoid fees for having staff with lapsed CPR certifications!

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