Can You Get CPR Certified Online?

Can you get CPR certified online? The short answer is you can learn something about
CPR online and receive a certificate for it, but it may not be worth what you think it is. The organization that you go through may not “count” for anything depending on your employer’s requirements. For example, click here for a link to a CPR class that is issued from an organization that likely won’t be recognized by any employer or business. Reputable issuing organizations that instructors can be aligned with are American Heart Association, American Red Cross, or American Safety and Health Institute. These organizations have specific requirements and course standards which make their classes the same across the nation.

Taking an online CPR class may teach you a couple things, but skills practice and demonstration is necessary to meet the requirements of any reputable company. Cardiopulmonary resuscitation is a very hands-on skill and without any practice on manikins or feedback from instructors, there is little to be said about your physical ability to perform the skill when needed. Performing rescue breaths, maintaining adequate depth and rate when performing chest compressions, and operating an AED are all skills best learned in-person on a manikin.

If you would like to do as much of your training online as possible, you may take the online AHA course and sign up for a Skills Check-Off to perform the skill! The skills portion will take about thirty minutes for BLS Provider certification or an hour for Heartsaver First Aid/CPR AED. In this portion, you will receive feedback as you perform chest compressions on the CPR manikin. The majority of your learning time will be spent on the online education portion within the comfort of your home. You must bring in your completion certificate to have your skills checked off! Click here for the link to the course options! Happy learning!

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