Things to do near Chandler, Arizona

Feeling stuck at home? Wanting to get out of the house, but unsure of where to go? Chandler Arizona has plenty of inexpensive activities for all age groups! Here are five things you might enjoy doing in the east valley!

    1. Check out Veterans Oasis Park! In the nicer weather, take your furry friend on a walk around Veterans Oasis. Dirt paths with plenty of native landscaping leads to small wildlife sightings! Best enjoyed after a rainy day, the clean, desert scents can’t be beat.
    2. Mesquite Groves Aquatic Center! With lap lanes, water slides, splash pad, lazy river, and more, the Mesquite Groves Aquatic Center is the ultimate swimming center in the summer months!
    3. Tumbleweed Recreation Center! Children love Tumbleweed Park, but right next door is Tumbleweed Recreation Center! Lift weights, walk the track, play basketball, racquetball, and more inside the air conditioning!
    4. Elmer’s Tacos! Many Chandler residents have been to Elmer’s Tacos more than once! Their bean and cheese burritos are unmatched! Best time to go is after the normal high school lunch hour Monday-Friday because it is across from Chandler High School.
    5. Paseo Vista Recreation Area! Known by some as “the dump park,” this is far from a dump! With a dog park, playground equipment, archery range, and disc golf course, there are plenty of activities for everyone! The park was built upon a former landfill, but now serves as a multipurpose recreational area!

There are plenty of other activities, museums, and entertainment in neighboring cities as well! For toddlers, checkout Chandler Public Library’s website for toddler time at a library near you! Swim lessons are also available at Chandler Public Pools! Water safety is very important in Arizona! Whether you have a pool, enjoy going to the lake, or the Salt River, be prepared for any water emergency by signing up for a First Aid/CPR AED class here!

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