Why Does CPR Certification Expire?

african american male healthcare professional“Does my CPR certification expire?” might be a question you have thought about before. CPR certification does expire, and in fact, it expires every two years! Studies show that knowledge retention falls drastically after attending a CPR class and it would actually be more beneficial to have courses closer together to allow for practice. Not everyone that is CPR certified performs CPR on a regular basis, so CPR certification courses might be the only time someone is able to practice chest compressions on a manikin.

Think about anytime you have studied in school. Cramming the night before might have led to a decent exam score, but you probably didn’t retain too much of that material months after the exam was over with. Whereas if you studied every couple of weeks, then that material might stay a little fresher in your mind. Being able to renew CPR certification every two years allows for updated standards to be implemented as well as an opportunity to practice high quality chest compressions on manikins and receive constructive feedback. Think about the past two years and all the changes that have occurred in healthcare! The American Heart Association does a complete update on their standards every five years, but often comes out with smaller updates along the way. Book a class now to renew your expired CPR certification! If you would like, you can also buy a keychain CPR mask here to keep with you.

When was the first time you ever got CPR certified? Have you renewed your CPR certification since then? Leave us a comment below!

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