Check out these skills!
1. Assess for scene safety
2. Check for responsiveness
3. Call 911 & get an AED
4. Check for breathing & a pulse for 5-10 seconds
5. Start chest compressions (if no breathing/pulse)
Don't let your certification expire!
Classes are available throughout the week and occasionally on Saturdays! Professionals with time constraints can also get certified with the " BLS Skills Check-Off" after the online American Heart Association learning modules!

Don't be an onlooker in an emergency! Get certified to be able to take charge and lead! Since 2020, many people in your area have taken responsibility to be prepared!
About The Owner
Paige is a ASU alumni with a Bachelor's of Science in Nursing. Her passion for education and entrepreneurship fueled her creation of East Valley CPR! Paige's mission is to empower healthcare workers and community members to feel confident in their ability to perform lifesaving measures in emergencies!
Paige Ellsworth
Owner of East Valley CPR
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